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Six steps to creative success

As a personal development specialist and practicing artist, I work with people who want to rediscover their creative side. If you’ve been busy, raising children, running a business, or working up the career ladder you may have lost sight of your talents. Good news though – it’s never too late to discover or re-connect with […]


How to Reduce Negative Head Chatter

Do you believe that your internal head chatter impacts on your performance and confidence levels, or is a significant factor in your confidence? Here is the simple intervention. Viktor Frankl (1905 -1997) developed the model below. Stimuli are the things that come at us both internally, as thoughts and feelings and externally from others and […]


Confidence – how important is it?

Have you experienced a lapse in confidence? We all have them. Once in a while, the little lapse lasts longer than it should. Sometimes the little lapse turns into a yawning chasm. That’s the moment when folk suddenly start to believe that they’re really not very good at doing whatever it is. They forget to […]

Who wins the battle of your two wolves?

Bruce Springsteen on Desert Island discs gave me a light bulb moment. He said that all artists are shaped by childhoods whereby they are both demonised and worshipped. His own experience was a mother who believed that he was the second coming of the baby Jesus, and a father who believed he wasn’t worth dirt. Springsteen’s comments bring the well-told story of the […]

Are your labels holding you back?

We all know what a label is in terms of brands and tags on objects, however are you aware of the labels you attribute to yourself? As a Personal Development Specialist, Workshop Facilitator and practising artist I pay particular attention to the labels people live with. Watching my son’s development at school I feel the […]

What must I change to be a future fit HR leader?

I began my leadership journey in the mid 90s when there was a focus on polishing weaknesses. It would go something like this: “Yes – you are very strong in these areas … tick the box … and now let’s move on and talk about strengthening these areas where you have weaknesses.”