I had the pleasure of being coached by Tracey over a period of approximately 3 months during 2015, at a time when I was experiencing a significant amount of change in the workplace.I’ve been coached in the past with only limited benefit, whereas I found Tracey’s approach to be far more effective, tailor-made to my own journey experience, and all in real-time. This involved a number of self-analysis tasks and techniques which really helped in getting to grips with the issues and challenges I was facing.
Our bi-weekly calls ensure a focused approach and Tracey asks the key questions at the critical points to help unlock true insights, leaving me far better equipped and confident. I have no hesitation in recommending Curious Minds Consulting for executive and role transition coaching.

FTSE 100 Company Executive

We have been really impressed with Tracey and would like to say thank you for her flexible approach, proactive suggestions and the way she has certainly delivered beyond what we were expecting. Her input has enabled us to have clarity on how we can fully leverage our strengths and be a stronger team going forward. Tracey has facilitated insightful sessions focusing on our strengths and identifying areas for development. Bringing Tracey into Greenfield Insurance has allowed us to grow in confidence as a senior team. I highly recommend Tracey as a personal development specialist.

James Mant | Partner | Greenfield Insurance Services


Tracey has been my coach over the past few months and I would like to recommend her wholeheartedly. She gave very practical, easy-to-follow yet thoughtful and in-depth guidance in many areas of my life drawing from her wealth of experience and knowledge. Her style is a perfect example of a very sincere and down-to-earth personality with well versed NLP, story telling, marketing & sales techniques. Tracey's coaching service has exceeded my expectations far and beyond and I have undergone a metamorphosis as a result. I have never been so clear with my life's mission & ambition as now and I know that I am now on the highway to success! I am very happy to credit the amazing changes in my life to Tracey. If you are looking for a dependable and effective coach, please do consider her! Thanks again, Tracey!

Ruth Lau - Social Entrepreneur | Governance, Risk & Compliance


It’s been great to work with Tracey. Over a period of six months she has delivered 1-2-1 coaching and a team-building workshop. Her input has been a breath of fresh air and has produced real business results. As the CEO I have found Tracey to be committed, direct and fun to work with. She has facilitated insightful sessions focusing on my strengths and helping me identify areas for development. Bringing Tracey into our business has allowed us to grow in confidence as a team. Tracey was skilled and perceptive in helping us clarify our thinking. She provided us with support and structure that enabled us to execute agreed changes. I highly recommend Tracey as a coach and a personal development specialist.

Ricky Scipio, CEO Westway Housing Association


Tracey from Curious Minds Consulting was great. She really enhanced our team strategy day and provided just the kind of role I’d envisaged. From her help in planning the day through to delivery it was a pleasure to work with Tracey. In particular I was impressed by how she understood and managed the dynamics of our team and the challenges of the contracts we manage. Tracey very quickly got everyone on the same page; throughout the session she kept the energy and positive momentum in the room. I would highly recommend Tracey she challenged our thinking, brought energy and professionalism to the day.

Ben Irvine, Director, Rydon Maintenance 


I was immediately impressed by Tracey’s friendliness and wealth of experience she bought to every networking event and Chamber activity she attended.  In early January this year, we asked Tracey to provide a ‘Breakfast Briefing’ following a request from a local business to learn how to improve their networking skills.  The professionalism and content of the workshop was of very high standard, going far beyond the brief, offering a bespoke coaching session for all attendees.  From a personal point of view, the tips and outcomes I received from the briefing resulted in my utilising networking opportunities in a much more effective manner.  I would highly recommend Tracey McEachran from Curious Minds Consultancy to any business.

Helen Reeve, CCCI Business Development Director


Tracey McEachran delivered a 'Building Resilience in the Workplace' session for us as part of our workplace health offer for local businesses in the Portsmouth area.

Tracey had a very professional presence to her delivery and engaged the group well by providing them with useful tools and techniques around resilience for managing their own and others mental wellbeing. Participants gained a clear understanding of the key elements that contribute to the concept of resilience and increased their knowledge around appreciative inquiry, which supports having positive conversations. These outcomes were also measured through the evaluations we asked delegates to complete at the end of the training session, which also showed a more than respectable increase in learning and skills therefore meeting our recommended quality assurance standards for workforce development.

Overall, the session was presented and received well, relevant to the audience, contained useful information, and was paced appropriately. Some of the participants also fed back about Tracey's positive impact on their learning and how they would have liked to hear more from her about the topic if we had time.

Based on this session provided and my dealings with Tracey in setting it up, I can therefore recommend her work and approach in delivering such wellbeing workshops to business professionals and the like.


Holly Easlick

Public Health Practitioner


In working with Tracey I have managed to find other perspectives to certain issues which have helped me resolve difficult situations and increase my personal performance and wellbeing.

 Geoffery - Director - Energy, Planning and Design


I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the need for an executive coach. But as the old adage goes: "you don’t know what you don’t know". Raj gave me a different point of view. With his help, I was able to recognise where I could improve myself. I found a good balance in my work and home life. I have extensively changed my leadership approach and now see myself more objectively. 

Raj Upadhyaya gets my highest recommendation as an executive coach and mentor. His unique ability to recognise, understand, and explain complex business relationships has revolutionised my thinking, and most importantly, my actions. My only regret is, I wish I had found Raj earlier in my career."

Kalumba Musambachime

Portfolio Manager-The Guinness Partnership


Raj agreed to coach me during 2015 and over the course of the year the sessions became a bit of a highlight for me. Raj’s made me feel at ease at once – he sensed I had some nerves around him (he was the boss after all) but we talked this through and as a result I got the most from the coaching.

 His style is to ask those big questions and plant triggers and this allowed me to really think about much wider issues (like what motivates me, what do I want from life!) but then to hone in on some actions specific to getting the best from myself.

 He’s attentive, he listens incredibly well and seems to have the ability to see into your mind! A great coach.

Ben Cane 
Head of Development - New Business (West)


Julie has been an excellent coach and my sessions with her have been of tremendous value to me. It's almost as though I went to her with a glass of muddy water and by asking all the right questions Julie has helped me make the mud settle so that I could gain absolute clarity on what I needed to do.

 Tesco Category Manager

Soon after meeting Tracey I felt comfortable working with her at a personal and professional level. She quickly guided my thinking in order for me to have a balanced view of the challenges at hand. This really helped me make a reasoned choice based on my short and long term goals. Then we started to look at the root cause of my issues and put in place realistic strategies to address my concerns. Furthermore she provided ongoing support outside of the core sessions to ensure I kept moving forward with the changes.

 Patrick - Senior Product Manager

Relaxed and informal conversations, really enjoyed the style of coaching. Didn’t feel obliged to say anything other than the truth. The confidentiality of the sessions was also reassuring and helped draw out issues that couldn’t be discussed with line managers or peers, for obvious reasons.

Positive outcomes to each session, with clear path for next steps / how to address the problems.

Tesco NAM


I have recently attended the 'Renew You' one day course run by Tracey from Curious Minds Consulting. I would highly recommend the course to any woman. Tracey is an excellent facilitator and made the day engaging, fun and relaxed whilst enabling us to get the most from ourselves and the course content. It has enabled me to focus on my goals and I have at last made progress on some areas I had been procrastinating on, so thank you Tracey! The course book provides a 52 week diary with useful and inspiring information so there is continuous support to keep you on track and achieve your goals.

Rebecca Lambert - HR & H&S Director at Eden Springs UK Ltd


I hope that my recommendation goes some way to voice the positive impact the RenewYou course has had on me! Like a seed that's just started to germinate, growing a little stronger every day, I am gradually pushing through the dark soil towards the sunlight & a blossoming future. I can never thank you enough for bringing the slight edge to my life!

Deryn Ralph BA, MA. - Textile Design Artist