RenewYou is an internationally acclaimed one day personal development course for women. Hundreds of women so far have participated in a RenewYou course and they have unreservedly loved it.

 RenewYou is a great confidence booster and a fabulous opportunity to take stock and reflect on what you want from the next 12 months. The name says it all; you’ll leave feeling renewed and re-energised after this friendly, relaxed, yet powerful one-day course that is all about you, helping you discover and get what you want from life.

RenewYou in More Detail

RenewYou is a one-day course for any woman anywhere at any stage in her life, who wants some time and space to reflect, and plan ahead. You spend a fabulous day with your specially licensed trainer and take away a journal, which will keep you inspired and motivated for the next 12 months!

Jane Woods the creator of RenewYou has been working directly with women for decades helping them make positive and lasting change. Most of that work was long term and some years ago when she knew we needed something short and effective for busy women. Jane wrote RenewYou exclusively for women who may have done some personal development work already, or who have thought about it but been put off by some of the jargon. It’s for busy women who need time to think.

Everything in RenewYou is tried and tested and it works, I promise you. It’s a day when you get the chance to think about what you want from the next 12 months of your life. A day to think about how to make some of those changes you may have dreamed off in the past. A day to spend time reflecting on what you really want to spend time on. It’s about literally renewing you.

What will RenewYou do for you?



Take time-out to think of yourself and your needs as a individual.
Identify where you want to be, and how you are going to get there using proven, practical and inspirational techniques.

Explore and banish some of the negative limiting beliefs that have prevented you from achieving in the past.


Confidence and self-awareness


The Institute of Leadership & Management has identified a lack of confidence as holding women back from senior positions. Not if you do this course. You’ll leave with your confidence well and truly boosted and knowing how to maintain that inner belief in yourself.

You will discover how to connect with your ‘positive self’ and identify your internal mail. Create your personal spam filter.




You’ll enjoy the company of wonderful, inspiring women (like you) who share a desire to take charge of their lives, to live consciously. Great friendships have been formed on RenewYou days.

You’ll leave with your own brand new, inspirational RenewYou journal to continue your progress at home & work over the next 12 months.

You’ll have a great action plan made to take you forward and keep you on track.

You will have invested in your own continuing professional development (certificate can be provided)

  A little about Jane Woods who created RenewYou.

Jane has a long career focused on helping women build confidence and achieve their goals. Her mission is to help as many women as possible, to achieve this she works with other successful coaches like Tracey who is licensed to deliver the RenewYou course.

Jane is regularly featured in national magazines and is also one of Psychologies Magazine’s ‘micro-geniuses’ and has featured on BBC radio, including BBC Radio 4s Woman’s Hour.

RenewYou is copyright of Changing People Ltd and delivered under licence 

What others have said about RenewYou


"I have recently attended the 'Renew You' one day course run by Tracey from Curious Minds Consulting. I would highly recommend the course to any woman. Tracey is an excellent facilitator and made the day engaging, fun and relaxed whilst enabling us to get the most from ourselves and the course content. It has enabled me to focus on my goals and I have at last made progress on some areas I had been procrastinating on, so thank you Tracey! The course book provides a 52 week diary with useful and inspiring information so there is continuous support to keep you on track and achieve your goals."

Rebecca Lambert - HR & H&S Director at Eden Springs UK Ltd


"This was a very well organised and structured workshop delivered in a non-threatening environment which allowed participants to talk freely and frankly and learn from the day as well as feel inspired to take ideas away and put them into practice. For me it came at a time when my self-confidence was shaky and I can honestly say it helped me turn a corner. Tracey is an excellent workshop leader who is empathetic and nurturing, helping participants to navigate their way through issues and difficulties."

Catharine Russell - Senior Lecturer at University of Portsmouth


"Tracey is a great facilitator and coach. I attended her Re-New You course and was very impressed by the safe space she created which enabled all participants to share openly and contribute to each other. Tracey's integrity in being a stand for us to push beyond our comfort zone was challenging but ultimately rewarding. I would highly recommend her as a coach and mentor."

Ruth F Collins - Fine Art Photographer


"The 'RenewYou' day, run by Tracey, is the ideal kick start to getting back on track - putting your own life, needs and ambitions in perspective and identifying goals going ahead. Tracey had that happy knack of putting us at our ease, supporting us in reflecting on our own lives and gently steering us forward so that we left the day energised and more confident.

I would highly commend Tracey as an experienced, effective and enthusiastic coach who will support you through your own journey going forward!"

Sue Eccles - Senior Principal Academic, Faculty of Media & Communication


"I can thoroughly recommend Tracey's Re-New You workshop. The one day session provides the perfect environment to kick start thinking around personal development and setting and achieving goals. The tools provided and the exercises throughout the workshop are a springboard to a year of development using the journal you create on the day. Tracey creates an open, safe and comfortable environment to ensure tat the group get the most out of the I workshop."

Sarah Smith - Director at Mezzanine Consulting Ltd


"I would thoroughly recommend Tracey as a coach & facilitator of the Renew You self-development course that is specifically for women.
I was a little apprehensive having never taken any coaching courses before but Tracey had created a calm, welcoming & safe environment enabling me to engage fully with all aspects of the day. She was encouraging & gave good explanations & clear instructions. Thought had been given to the emotional impact some of the exercises might have too. Tracey maintained a balanced, supportive yet professional approach throughout & was able to suggest suitable literature to assist with ongoing development.
For me the day was life changing, quite emotional, but a pivotal point in my life! I would urge anyone considering this course to embrace it as an opportunity too good to let slip by."

Deryn Relph - Designer/maker at 'Deryn Relph', Freelance Textile designer


“…there was a 40% average increase in feelings of self confidence and empowerment. The day was perfectly pitched for the group we had organised – one of the attendees successfully applied for a promotion within a few months of participating on the course and another was actively pursing additional qualifications and training.”

Manager, after staff survey, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London