Diversity and change


Diversity training

Women of Talent | Whole Person Leadership | Leading diverse teams

We offer programmes that help you leverage the diversity within your business.

Diversity flourishes when there are high levels of self awareness in an environment that fosters open-mindedness and curiosity.


Creative development

Developing creative thinking

We run creative thinking workshops as well as coach for creative thinking.

Leadership development

Team Collaboration for Innovation

Before we create you team collaboration for innovation day we work with you to clearly identify:
-The area or topic for innovation.
-The problem you want the team to tackle.
We then focus the day's exercises to help the team create a menu of ideas and or solutions.

Creativity comes from freeing the mind from the constraints of the day to day role of each team member. We ensure your team can flourish by creating a safe and open environment where each team member is valued and given space to share ideas.

Our team collaboration days are structured with clear outcomes agreed prior to the start of the session, this allows the team more freedom to think creatively.

Understand how to create more effective teams listen to this excellent TED talk by Margaret Heffernan 'Why it's time to forget the pecking order at work' running time 15:47

Building more effective teams

Fostering collaborative working

We work with you to identify the key challenge areas that are blocking collaborative working.

We use two profiling tools, we will recommend the tool that most suits your needs in terms of uncovering strengths, exposing areas of possible weakness and identifying strength gaps. We then help your teams explore and create better ways of working by playing to their strengths.

Positive mindset comes from focusing on the strengths of your business, your team and each individual. Great collaborations come from clear shared goals and knowing you are aligned to ensuring you are all pulling in the same direction.


Embedding values

One culture through embedding your values.

We work with your leadership team and management to ensure your values have clarity and are meaningful to everyone in your organisation. We do this through leadership development programmes, workshops and seminars, finding the right mode of learning for you and your people.

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Employee engagement

We work with your and your employees to measure and improve engagement and performance.

In the first instance we measure the current level of engagement, then we work with you to put in processes and procedures to maintain, measure and build employee engagement. This is achieved through leadership development, employee engagement sessions and web based appraisal and personal development systems