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Developing Leadership

Women of Talent | Whole Person Leadership | Leading diverse teams

We offer three leadership workshop style programmes.

Women of Talent is a modular programme which focuses on fast tracking the development of your high potential female managers to prepare them for more senior leadership roles.

Whole Person Leadership develops your leaders emotional intelligence through deep dive creative activities designed to uncover unconscious biases. The programme focuses on taking participants self awareness to a new level enabling them to maximise their potential as leaders.

Leading Diverse Teams is a programme designed to build on the learning from Whole person leadership. This programme develops Leaders ability to listen and leverage the diversity and talent in their teams.

Leadership development

Enhancing Your Leadership Skills

Leadership coaching for experienced leaders that are looking to continuously improve their performance.

As a Leader it is essential to recognise aspects of your role that challenge you. We create a safe and secure environment to help you explore areas for development.

We specialise in improving levels of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) helping you to respond better to both internal and external pressures.

We structure our coaching sessions to ensure you get the results you need to develop as a leader. We help you reflect and establish clear goals for your coaching sessions. Working with us you will be able to take a more holistic view of your strengths and development needs.

Emotional intelligence

Building Emotional Intelligence EQ

We coach, run team sessions and seminars to develop EQ in teams and individuals. Most of us recognise an Emotionally intelligent person when we meet or work with them, but not all of us can articulate what EQ is. Here is a very shot definition:-

EQ is the ability to identify, use, understand, and manage emotions in positive ways to relieve stress, communicate effectively, empathise with others, overcome challenges, and defuse conflict. EQ consists of four attributes:

Self-awareness – you recognise your own emotions and how they affect your thoughts and behavior, know your strengths and weaknesses, and have self-confidence.

Self-management – you’re able to control impulsive feelings and behaviours, manage your emotions in healthy ways, take initiative, follow through on commitments, and adapt to changing circumstances.

Social awareness – you can understand the emotions, needs, and concerns of other people, pick up on emotional cues, feel comfortable socially, and recognise the power dynamics in a group or organization.

Relationship management – you know how to develop and maintain good relationships, communicate clearly, inspire and influence others, work well in a team, and manage conflict.

ME. talent scan

Building more effective teams

Identifying and leveraging strengths

We use to profiling tools, ME. Talentscan and DISC profiling.

The ME. Talentscan uses a mix of images and descriptors to identify true talents. The ME. talentscan focuses on conscious and unconscious drivers of behaviours. Using a unique mix of “archetypical images” and written competencies to produce an in depth analysis of a persons talents and the unconscious drivers that are possible barriers to achieving their full potential.

We use The ME. Talentscan with individuals and teams. Here is what some of our clients have said about the tool.

“I can be quite cynical about tools such as this but the exercise gave a fascinating insight into oneself and has made me think in different, less fixed ways when considering my strengths and weaknesses and how I should approach things.”
Rupert Gill, Partner, Brabners LLP

"Unlike other psychometric tools which have taken advantage of Jung's work, the ME. tool is more complex than simply polarities and therefore reveals a deeper understanding of the individual. It is able to shed light on the critical tensions under which the individual is operating which they may not be aware of.  It allowed me to acknowledge and step away from a belief which has been directing my actions for two years against my natural skills and tendencies which no other diagnostic has been able to achieve.”
Jenny Andersson, Founder, The Earthkind Company

DISC is a simple and memorable model made up of four basic styles: D, i, S, C.

We use DISC to help teams and individuals develop higher levels of self-awareness. DISC uncovers communication preferences, participants discover their own preferences and also learn how to recognise their counterparts preferred style. This helps teams communicate more effectively through understanding how to adapt to get the best from conversations and interactions with others.

Creative development

Creative Development Programme

In the words of Picasso “All children are artists. The problem is how to remain an artist once grown up”

The Creative Development Programme is for you if you have been too busy, raising children, running a business, or working up the career ladder to give any or much attention to developing your creative talents. It’s hardly surprising that you’ve lost sight of Picasso’s child artist. But the artist hasn’t lost you.

So if it is time for you to reconnect, to liberate that child artist who has been hiding for so long? If your rational left brain has been in charge all those years, and now, maybe it’s time to rebalance, and give the creative right brain its freedom too.

If you would like to discover if there a novel in you? Or you always longed to play the tenor sax, or the piano? Maybe you have longed to paint, compose music, or write poetry. create sculptures or take part in the performing arts. Then this programme has been written for you to help you find your creative self.

Creative and innovative thinking

Solution Based Coaching

Solution Based Coaching is for anyone who has a specific problem that they are struggling with. Typically you have been aware of the things or thing that are/is either limiting your progress or your ability to feel happier. We work with you and focus on the positive aspect of your life or your current strengths to help you find a way to overcome your barriers to success